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The founders of Playdemic have unveiled ForthStar, heralding it as the new mobile powerhouse in the UK

Playdemic founders Paul Gouge and Alex Rigby have unveiled ForthStar, their new mobile free-to-play game studio, following the remarkable success of Playdemic's Golf Clash, which was acquired by Electronic Arts for a record-breaking $1.4 billion. With $10 million secured from Griffin Gaming Partners, ForthStar is well-funded for the development of their upcoming game.

Although the details of their first game will be revealed more than a year from now, the founders are focused on assembling a top-tier team, drawing talent from Playdemic, including key figures who contributed to Golf Clash's 150 million installs. The Manchester-based studio emphasizes creativity, innovation, and exceptional gameplay in their mission to create games loved by millions.

Paul Gouge stated, "Our mission is clear: to make great games that millions of people love to play every day for years." With a strong emphasis on studio culture and nurturing creative talent, ForthStar aims to replicate the success they've achieved in the highly competitive mobile gaming space.

Alex Rigby, ForthStar Co-Founder and Creative Director, highlighted their ability to leverage over two decades of mobile gaming experience, establishing a robust foundation for innovation and success. Rigby and Gouge, with a track record of successful studios, including the sale of Playdemic to Electronic Arts for $1.4 billion, have proven their capability to thrive in the dynamic mobile gaming industry.

In summary, ForthStar, backed by $10 million in funding, is poised to make a significant impact with a focus on creating exceptional games and fostering a creative, winning studio culture.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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