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The fourth Candy Crush All Stars tournament, celebrated as the "biggest tournament in the history of casual mobile gaming"

King is currently promoting the fourth Candy Crush All Stars tournament, touting it as the "largest casual mobile gaming tournament ever" with a prize pool totaling $1 million. As part of this campaign, Luken Aragon, King’s VP of marketing for Candy Crush Saga, shared insights via email.

Regarding the soft-launched Candy Crush games like Candy Crush 3D, Candy Crush Blast, and Candy Crush Solitaire, Aragon expressed the Candy team's commitment to providing players with "new, exciting, and varied experiences." However, the future of these titles remains uncertain.

When asked about the potential for Candy Crush to expand into other media formats like film or TV, Aragon emphasized the franchise's focus on delivering additional player experiences beyond core gameplay. He hinted at the possibility of entertainment-focused partnerships in the future.

Regarding the All Stars tournament, Aragon highlighted its success in attracting 18 million players last year. He emphasized King's efforts to improve the event based on past learnings, catering to both new and existing players' desires for competition. Additionally, Aragon stressed the importance of retention alongside attracting new audiences, mentioning collaborations with John Cena and custom AR effects on TikTok as part of their marketing strategy.

Aragon concluded by underscoring the significance of the All Stars tournament in maintaining Candy Crush Saga's success and relevance, noting its enduring popularity even after almost 12 years since its launch.

Source: adapted from an article by Neil Long, Founder and Editor of

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