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TikTok Improves Mobile Measurement Framework for Advertisers of Mobile Apps

In a strategic move to enhance its advertising platform, TikTok is introducing the "Engaged View-Through Attribution" (EVTA) metric, redefining how advertisers measure campaign success. This innovative metric focuses on conversions occurring after a user views an ad for at least six seconds without clicking, subsequently converting within seven days.

Complementing recently introduced features like Self Attributing Network (SAN), EVTA aims to provide advertisers with a more comprehensive understanding of ad response, engagement, and the overall effectiveness of TikTok promotions in driving conversions.

TikTok acknowledged that user interactions with ads on its platform are not always straightforward click-and-convert scenarios. The EVTA metric allows advertisers to measure conversions influenced by views of six seconds or more, offering a more holistic perspective of TikTok's impact on businesses.

This initiative aligns with TikTok's ongoing commitment to improving conversion tracking and demonstrating its influence on purchase behavior beyond traditional metrics. Notably, TikTok's research found that last-click attribution undervalues conversions by 73%, with 79% of TikTok-driven purchases escaping common attribution methods.

TikTok's Self Attributing Network (SAN) is a groundbreaking integration with mobile measurement partners (MMP), presenting advertisers with a comprehensive view of all conversions generated by their TikTok ads. This integration, designed to transcend the limitations of MMP's last-touch attribution, offers several benefits, including enhanced campaign performance insights, a customized attribution window on TikTok Ads Manager, and access to advanced attribution metrics.

Explaining the significance of SAN, TikTok stated, "To measure various touchpoints that assisted a conversion during a multi-touch journey, advertisers can’t rely on MMP data alone. That’s where SAN comes in."

The combination of SAN integration and EVTA introduces a more complete picture of how users convert on TikTok. Unlike standard SAN integration, which often overlooks MMP's attribution, TikTok's approach includes MMP-validated conversions and augments that foundation with additional conversions observed from the SAN integration.

With this enhanced attribution methodology, TikTok Ads Manager now reports total conversions that encompass click-through (CTA) and view-through (VTA) conversions validated by MMPs. It also includes engaged view conversions measured by the new EVTA touch-point, which are currently reported as click-through (CTA) conversions on MMP reporting. Additionally, it covers extra click-through (CTA) conversions driven by clicks on TikTok ads not currently reported in MMP’s last-click attribution model.

Source: adapted from an article by Maya Robertson, Author of Archives for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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