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Triton Digital collaborates with Amazon Publisher Services to enhance the integration of interactive audio ads

Triton Digital, operating under iHeartMedia as an SSP, has announced a strategic integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) to facilitate the seamless purchase of interactive audio ads through the Amazon DSP on streaming audio platforms.

This integration is specifically designed to showcase Amazon Ads’ unique interactive audio ad formats on Alexa-enabled devices, expanding across both shared APS and Triton Digital publishers. The move represents a significant advancement in delivering an immersive advertising experience for listeners while concurrently providing publishers with enhanced opportunities for inventory monetization.

Amazon Ads’ pioneering interactive audio ads introduce a dynamic engagement element for users. Listeners can interact with ads by requesting additional information via email or push notifications, setting reminders, or even adding products directly to their Amazon shopping cart, all while remaining within the immersive realm of streaming audio content.

The Triton Audio Marketplace, boasting a staggering 100 billion audio impressions monthly, stands as one of the largest pools of audio audiences. The recent integration aims to empower marketers and agencies to transact across a diverse range of audio inventory types. By leveraging Amazon DSP’s proprietary audience signals, advertisers gain the ability to forge deeper connections, while publishers benefit from solutions designed to enhance inventory monetization.

John Rosso, President, and CEO of Triton Digital expressed enthusiasm about the impact of Amazon in the advertising space, stating, “Amazon has had a long-lasting impact in the advertising space, introducing new ad formats and delivery vehicles that have transformed the audio industry.” He emphasized the collaborative nature of the integration, anticipating an enhancement in the listener experience.

Steve Rabuchin, VP of Third-Party Supply at Amazon Ads, shared his excitement for publishers using Triton Digital and APS. He stated, “We’re excited for publishers that use Triton Digital and APS to make their quality content more easily available to advertisers using Amazon DSP.” Rabuchin looks forward to understanding more about audience engagement with interactive audio ads, emphasizing the potential for listeners to respond to advertisements seamlessly without distraction from the audio stream.

The collaboration between Triton Digital and Amazon Publisher Services signifies a notable step forward in the evolution of interactive audio advertising, promising a richer, more engaging experience for listeners and expanded opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike.

Source: adapted from an article by Sophie Blake, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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