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Gamelight gave $20.000.000
Rewards and Gift Cards in Q1 2024
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Across 7 self-published
game recommendation platforms
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iOS & Android
platforms supported
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Top Geos
Q1 2024
$20M Rewards
given to users
Top Choices
Google Play, Amazon, PayPal
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High Return Rates
after receiving the 1st reward
The largest loyalty platform on Google Play and App Store
With 7 self-published game recommendation apps on iOS and Android, and more than 10 million users in Tier 1 regions, Gamelight paid out $20 million in rewards in Q1 2024 only.
Users that reached their first reward milestone are also more likely to stick until their second reward!
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Gamelight’s Largest Brands
Gamelight published multiple game recommendation apps on Android & iOS
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How does it work?
Users try out new Games & Apps
Recommendations fitting user preferences and demographics
Reach certain Milestones
They earn virtual points for playtime and reaching milestones
Receiving Rewards!
They can exchange collected virtual points with various rewards and gift cards
Starting from 2022, our partnership with Gamelight has experienced consistent growth, as we manage millions of gift cards for their global user base, spanning from the Americas to Europe, Japan, and Australia just to name some of the countries.  Gamelight's Gaming Loyalty Platform is one of the largest and fastest growing platforms within our network.  Gamelight's collaborative approach, creativity, and exceptional growth rate reflects our shared commitment to success.
David Leeds
Founder & CEO
Users in T1 geos
Ads served in
T1 geos
Ads served
in US

Each mobile user in the US has seen our apps’ ads

3 times on average

Gift card count
in Q1 2024:
Tremendous and Gamelight have been partnering to provide large volumes of gift cards to Gamelight users globally, across all of Gamelight's game recommendation platforms, both on iOS and Android. Gamelight serves as a trusted partner for Tremendous, fostering mutual success through our collaborative efforts.
Nick Baum
Co-Founder & CEO
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Contact details
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