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Promote the casual game “Sunshine Island”, published by Stillfront Group in the UK, South Korea, Japan and Germany, and reach D30 ROAS Growth objectives, utilising Gamelight’s platform and user-base.
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AI Targeting for optimisation
18 various in-game events shared
Long-term event postback window
Real-time data and feedback loops
During the campaign, Stillfront's goals were both met and exceeded. Gamelight overdelivered D30 ROAS Goals in the UK, DE, KR, JP by 200%+:
Overdelivered D30 ROAS by :
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This demonstrates that Gamelight's UA platform, by leveraging its AI algorithm, successfully enabled the partner to exceed their targets by reaching target audiences
We reached it thanks to:
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Ana López
UA Manager

at Stillfront
Success in JP and KR
The two geos that stood out in their performance were Japan and South Korea, where the campaign impressively overdelivered D30 ROAS Goals by 284%. 

This shows that users in these markets value and respond positively to Gamelight’s personalised game recommendations. 
Overdelivered D30 ROAS in JP and KR by:
Gamelight's excellent track record in delivering high-performing traffic has enabled us to quickly and profitably scale our campaigns, ultimately exceeding our game goals. Excited to keep working together for more success!
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Stillfront Group is a global games company established in 2010 in Sweden. They develop digital games that cater to a diverse audience, with their extensive portfolio reaching nearly 70 million users monthly. Their title, Sunshine Island, is a vibrant island-building tycoon game where players start from scratch to create an island, raise animals, explore new archipelagos, compete with other players, and build a thriving community. 
In conclusion, Gamelight has effectively promoted Stillfront’s title, “Sunshine Island,” across strategic markets. The campaign not only reached but also significantly exceeded the D30 ROAS targets, achieving an impressive 246% ROAS overdelivery on Android and 223% ROAS overdelivery on iOS.

This performance highlights Gamelight’s ability to effectively engage with previously untapped audiences, delivering results above expectations.
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