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14 Mobile Gaming Trends by SplitMetrics report of trends in mobile games in 2022-23

The mobile gaming market is experiencing several noteworthy trends in 2022-23. Here are the key highlights:

Trend 1: Rise of New Markets

New players are entering the mobile gaming market, with notable acquisitions such as Savvy Games Group acquiring Scopely. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Kuwait are witnessing high consumer spending and have plans to invest billions into the segment. This indicates the growing importance of emerging markets.

Trend 2: AAA Gaming

Major game publishers, including Bethesda Games Studios, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft, are focusing on mobile game development to tap into new opportunities. Releasing mobile versions of popular titles like The Elder Scrolls: Blades and Fallout Shelter allows them to reach a broader audience and compete with established mobile gaming companies.

Trend 3: CTV as Part of the Marketing

Mix Connected TV (CTV) is gaining prominence as a marketing channel in the mobile gaming industry. Game publishers are experimenting with CTV ads to expand their user bases, taking advantage of new measurement and targeting options. Successful examples include the TV ad campaign by Royal Match, which positively impacted the game's downloads and rankings.

Trend 4: Subscription-Based Mobile Games

Mobile games are embracing subscription-based monetization models alongside traditional revenue methods like in-app purchases and in-game advertising. The market for subscription-based mobile games is expected to grow significantly, offering convenience, effectiveness, and improved user retention.

Trend 5: New Game Stores

New game stores are set to emerge, coexisting with established platforms like Google Play Store and the App Store. The implementation of regulations such as the EU's Digital Markets Act and US Senate panel bills aims to enable users to access apps from alternate stores. Independent game stores can offer lower fees and greater payment options, enhancing the monetization potential of in-app purchases.

Trend 6: Frequent Use of Custom Product Pages

The introduction of custom product pages by the App Store allows mobile app and game developers to create multiple versions of their product pages to highlight specific features, updates, and promotional offers. This offers targeted advertising opportunities, enabling developers to optimize ads across different regions and cater to specific audience segments.

Trend 7: AI-Generated Content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are increasingly being used in game development and app marketing. AI solutions can assist with tasks such as brainstorming game features, creating in-game assets, optimizing metadata and keywords, and even generating ad content. The use of AI is revolutionizing the ways development and creative teams operate in the mobile game industry.

Trend#8. Happiness Instead of Drama

Happy icons are preferred over dramatic ones, especially for puzzle games. A/B testing can help determine the best icon concept.

Trend#9: Viva Magenta

The color of the year, can be a good choice for mobile game icons as it stands out and appeals to younger demographics.

Trend#10. Greater Seasonality Impact

Seasonality has a significant impact on user behavior, and app marketers should adjust their ASO and marketing strategies accordingly to capitalize on peak seasons.

Trend#11. Deeper Understanding of Audience’s Preference in Creatives

Preferences in creatives vary between male and female players. Women prefer icons and screenshots featuring single female characters, while men prefer icons with groups of heroes. Storytelling elements are popular among all segments.

Trend#12. Colorful Screenshot Backgrounds

Colorful backgrounds in screenshots perform better than one-colored settings, especially for puzzle and hyper casual games.

Trend#13. Shorter Video Previews

Shorter video previews are more effective in capturing user interest. Keeping the length to a minimum of 30 seconds is recommended.

Trend#14. Streaming Services

Streaming services like Netflix are exploring mobile games as an investment. Mobile games are also being watched on live streaming platforms, presenting an opportunity for user acquisition outreach.

These trends showcase the dynamic and evolving nature of the mobile gaming market, presenting both challenges and opportunities for developers and publishers.

Source: SplitMetrics Blog

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