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7 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week

Legendary Master Idle

Price: Free to play

Legendary Master Idle is an idle game about a girl trying to become a karate master. It’s a 2D side scroller game where you level up and equip your main character. She does battle to earn resources and experience, and then you use those resources and experience to level her up further so you can progress through the game. The game also features support characters, an online PvP mode, and, of course, an idle mode that generates resources while you’re offline. It’s not bad for its genre, but idle fan detractors definitely won’t like it.

Vegan Bowls

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $11.99 per year

Vegan Bowls is a recipe app born from an Instagram account with over three million followers. It features over 100 vegan recipes that you can use for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. As far as recipe apps go, this one is pretty standard in how it shows you the recipes, which we appreciate since it’s easy to use. The app also has a shopping list feature, the ability to save your favorite recipes, and a filter so you can find the stuff you actually want. We expect this to get bigger over time, but the recipes there looked good to us.

Legend of Keepers

Price: $6.99

Legend of Keepers is a strategy game where you kind of play the bad guy. Your goal is to design a dungeon to keep the heroes out of it. There is a bit of a business simulation game built in here as well where you manage your evil cohorts and use them the most efficient way possible. It’s a surprisingly fun little game, and we especially enjoy that it’s a premium game. There are no in-app purchases to muddle the experience, and it’s also on sale to celebrate its launch.

Head On

Price: Free

Head On is a mental wellbeing app that wants to help you deal with stress. The app is developed by psychologists, so there are some legitimate tricks here to releasing and relieving your stress. Some things include meditation, relaxation techniques, and small exercises to help you manage your stress better. The app works pretty well. It’s colorful and well laid out. There doesn’t appear to be any subscriptions or anything as of this writing either, which already helps relieve our stress. It’s not bad for folks who need help with this kind of stuff.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Price: Free to play

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is the latest mobile game from Blizzard. This one is still in early release, though, so it may not be available to everybody. It’s an auto-battler of sorts. You summon troops onto the battlefield to do battle with your opponent. There are things like gold veins in the map that you can also mine to generate more energy so that you can summon more troops. You don’t have a ton of control over the troops once they hit the battlefield, hence the auto-battler part of it, but it’s more or less a strategy game where you try to defeat your attacking opponent. It seems like it’ll be fun, but we don’t know what changes they’ll make between now and release.

Destiny Lights

Price: Free

Destiny Lights is a social network of sorts. It lets you anonymously send out or receive lanterns. Basically, a lantern is like a status update. You click on lanterns floating in the UI and get a random update from someone. The app also keeps track of your location so you can see how many people have read your update across the world. It’s meant as a positivity thing. Some folks are looking for positivity, and some are trying to spread it. We don’t see it replacing Facebook, but it’s a different idea and not a bad one.


Price: Free / $5+ per month

Linktree is a bio website. You’ve likely seen the links if you play MMORPGs or go on TikTok a bunch. The company launched an official mobile app where you can create and manage your profile. There are premade themes, a bunch of elements you can add to customize your profile, and more. We would say this is a niche use, but every other person on TikTok and some MMOs use it, so we actually expect this one to be pretty popular.

Source: by Joe Hindy at Android Authority

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