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After three years of delays, Zynga's Star Wars: Hunters launches globally today

Today, June 4th, marks the global launch of Zynga’s long-anticipated Star Wars: Hunters, following a three-year development journey. Initially expected in 2021, the game faced multiple delays, moving its release date to 2022 and finally landing in 2024.

Star Wars: Hunters is the first cross-platform hero shooter from the intergalactic franchise, available on both mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. This multiplayer title offers chaotic 4v4 battles set in iconic Star Wars locales, featuring a variety of characters and classes such as Support, Tank, and Damage. Players can engage in different game modes, including control-based objectives, capture-the-flag challenges, Trophy Chase, and Squad Brawl.

Developed by Zynga subsidiary NaturalMotion, the game has undergone extensive testing in select regions during its soft launch. This allowed the team to gather data and make necessary improvements. “About a year ago, we noticed through analytics that abilities were not being used much, so we adjusted the cooldowns,” said game director Scott Warner in an interview with The soft launch also enabled the developers to refine various systems, such as the event system, challenges, quests, and arena pass.

Set after Episode Six, Star Wars: Hunters is canon to the wider Star Wars universe. NaturalMotion collaborated closely with Lucasfilm to ensure the game’s authenticity and alignment with the films and other media. The game takes place in a location where characters from across the galaxy come for entertainment and combat.

Star Wars: Hunters is significant for Zynga as it marks their first game developed for Nintendo Switch, expanding the company’s reach. For the Star Wars franchise, it is the second game released after EA’s exclusivity deal ended. The game’s release is a landmark moment, offering fans on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch the opportunity to play together for the first time.

The development team has focused on optimizing the game for all devices. “We’ve optimized everything to ensure it looks beautiful and plays well on all devices,” said senior art director Rich Kemp. He also expressed high hopes for the game’s longevity, stating, “Hopefully, the game lasts a decade.”

Star Wars: Hunters is now available globally, inviting players to dive into its fast-paced, multiplayer battles and become part of the expansive Star Wars universe.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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