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All In! Games ends publishing operations

All In! Games, a game development company, has announced a shift in its business strategy by discontinuing its publishing operations and placing a greater emphasis on game development.

The decision to cease publishing was driven by underperforming sales and the challenging barriers to entry faced by the company in the competitive games market, especially when compared to more established publishers.

While All In! Games will continue to generate revenue from its previously published titles, it will no longer acquire new games for publishing purposes.

The company intends to focus on internally developing original games, such as Phantom Hellcat, and collaborating with global publishers to bring its games to market.

"We have decided to partner with the world's leading publishers to publish our games. This strategic move allows us to concentrate primarily on game production, ultimately enhancing the quality of our titles," stated Marcin Kawa, CEO of All In! Games.

Source: Jeffrey Rousseau  Staff Writer at Gamesindustry

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