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Allegedly, Google is in the process of creating AI-driven frequently asked questions (FAQs) for applications and games on the Play Store

In a recent revelation by TheSpAndroid, an intriguing development suggests that Google is currently in the works to introduce a groundbreaking AI feature aimed at addressing frequently asked questions about apps and games available on the Play Store.

The discovery unfolded when the source enabled a specific flag, uncovering the AI functionality’s intent to provide concise summaries of crucial aspects within an app or game’s FAQ section. Users can look forward to gaining insights into the reasons behind an app’s popularity among its user base and other pertinent details.

Beyond simply gauging popularity, the AI feature appears geared toward helping users find answers to specific questions about an app’s features and highlighting aspects most appreciated by users. In line with Google’s commitment to transparency, the company explicitly denotes which summaries are AI-generated, ensuring users are aware of the information’s source. Speculation is rife that Google is preparing to launch this innovative feature in the coming weeks, with the flag already available for immediate activation on rooted devices, as reported by TheSpAndroid.

This strategic move aligns with Google’s broader initiative to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into its diverse range of products and services. The company has actively participated in various AI initiatives, with the noteworthy Gemini project standing out. Positioned as a response to OpenAI’s groundbreaking chatbot, ChatGPT, Gemini marks Google’s venture into the realm of AI chatbots and sets the stage for further advancements in this dynamic landscape. As Google continues to harness the capabilities of AI, users can anticipate more intelligent and enriched interactions with their preferred apps on the Play Store.

Source: adapted from an article by Jordan Bevan, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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