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Among the shocks, surprises, bold claims, battles, and bruisings that shook the mobile games industry in 2023, these are the top 10 stories that left the most significant impact

Presenting the highlights and notable events that defined 2023, takes you on a journey through the year's most compelling stories in the mobile games industry. From groundbreaking announcements to significant achievements, here's a chronological look at the top 10 stories that resonated with readers:

#1 - Epic Games Store Eyes iOS and Android

In a surprising revelation in March, the Epic Games Store hinted at its potential expansion to iOS and Android, setting the stage for a highly anticipated battle in the gaming industry.

#2 - Mobile Game Awards Spotlights 2023's Standouts

April witnessed the grand Mobile Game Awards ceremony at BAFTA in London, showcasing the best in mobile gaming from developers, publishers, advertisers, to industry legends.

#3 - Fortnite Returns to iOS

May brought a wave of excitement as Amazon’s Luna app service revived Fortnite on iOS, sparking hope for a resolution to the ongoing Epic Games vs. platform owners saga.

#4 - Monopoly GO! Dominates Mobile Board Games

Scopely's adept handling of the Monopoly franchise propelled Monopoly GO! to the summit of mobile board games, earning accolades and admiration throughout 2023.

#5 - Harnessing AI in Games Development

June featured a series by iLogos Game Studios founder Alexander Goldybin, delving into the integration of artificial intelligence in game production and its transformative impact.

#6 - Savvy Games Group Acquires Scopely

July marked the official closure of Scopely's acquisition by Savvy Games Group, a monumental $4.9 billion deal that significantly impacted the mobile gaming landscape.

#7 - Top 50 Mobile Game Makers of 2023

August saw the unveiling of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list, a prestigious annual event at Gamescom 2023, recognizing outstanding contributions to the industry.

#8 - Unity's Runtime Fee Overhaul

Unity's adjustment to its fee structure in August triggered a significant industry uproar, highlighting the delicate balance between community loyalty and profit-seeking endeavors.

#9 - Monster Hunter Triumph for Niantic

Niantic rebounded in October with the success of Monster Hunter, becoming the company's third-largest game and generating an impressive $14 million in its first month.

#10 - Supercell's Soft Launch

As Supercell introduced its latest venture, the monster-hunting co-op, industry attention intensified, marking a pivotal moment in Supercell's ongoing influence on the gaming landscape.

As 2023 draws to a close, expresses gratitude to readers for being part of this journey and looks forward to another exciting year in 2024.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffith, Editor for

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