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Apple's Vision Pro reveal shakes up share prices

The highly anticipated announcement of Apple's AR headset, the Vision Pro, had a mixed impact on share prices, with winners and losers in the aftermath.

Apple's stock initially rose, nearing a market valuation of $3 trillion, as speculation about the new headset grew. However, after the event, the stock price fell by 0.81%, reflecting uncertainty about the headset's potential success. Priced at $3,499 and being a product that people haven't specifically asked for or fully comprehend, the future of the Vision Pro remains uncertain.

This pattern aligns with Apple's previous announcements, where stock prices often rise before an event due to anticipation of the "next big thing," but then fall as investors assess the actual product revealed.While the Vision Pro represents a significant step in a new direction and has implications for the mobile gaming market, its high price and limited use cases leave its success uncertain at this stage.

On the positive side, Unity, a key player in the development of new apps for the Vision Pro, experienced a 17.2% increase in its stock immediately after the announcement. Unity's support for the platform elevated investor confidence, leading to a peak in share price before it settled above the pre-announcement level.

The announcement also had a positive impact on Walt Disney Co., as the company endorsed the Vision Pro and showcased the extensive range of content and brands under the Disney umbrella that will be compatible with the new device. Disney's stock price experienced a slight increase of 0.3%, highlighting the potential for more immersive video content, sports animation, and games on the platform. Disney's well-known brands have the potential to drive mainstream adoption of the hardware.

At the time of writing, Disney's stock price had fallen slightly from its peak but remained elevated, indicating continued optimism surrounding the opportunities presented by the Vision Pro.

Source:  Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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