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Apple has introduced additional choices for streaming games and apps

Apple recently unveiled significant updates for app developers, allowing them to submit a single app capable of streaming an entire catalog of games. This update also enhances discovery opportunities for streaming games, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins within apps. Additionally, developers can now integrate Apple’s In-App Purchase system into mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins to offer paid digital content or services, such as subscriptions. Adherence to the App Store Review Guidelines for content age rating is mandatory, ensuring user safety and experience.

Apple introduced over 50 new analytics reports through the App Store Connect API, providing developers with deeper insights into app performance metrics. These metrics cover engagement, commerce, app usage, and frameworks usage. Developers can grant third-party access to their reports through the API, fostering collaboration and transparency in app development.

Developers now have the option to offer "Sign in with Apple" or equivalent privacy-focused login services for apps providing third-party or social login services. This addition empowers users with more choices in managing their privacy preferences, aligning with Apple's commitment to user privacy and data protection.

Apple announced plans to allow sideloading for iOS users in the European Union to comply with the Digital Markets Act. With iOS 17.4, Apple will open the iPhone to "alternative app marketplaces" for the first time, marking a significant shift in iOS app distribution.

Source: adapted from an article by Sophie Blake, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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