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Apple Prepares for App Store Changes Amidst EU Regulations

In response to the European Digital Markets Act, Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce new commissions and restrictions for apps downloaded from sources other than the App Store. This strategic move aims to comply with EU regulations, enabling users in Europe to download software onto iPhones from various platforms.

Major players like Meta Platforms, Spotify, and Microsoft are already anticipating these changes, exploring options to offer direct downloads. Apple’s approach includes closer oversight of non-App Store apps, potentially introducing fees for developers and setting the stage for a significant test of the legislation.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, suggest that the outlined strategies may be subject to change, hinting at a strategic release of information prior to an official announcement.

As Apple navigates this regulatory landscape, tensions with app developers may escalate. The company defends its policies for iPhone security, while critics argue against perceived anticompetitive practices.

Apple has actively developed its solution for over a year, aligning with the March deadline to adhere to EU law, according to insider sources. In a recent development, Apple complied with a court mandate related to the antitrust case initiated by Fortnite-maker Epic Games. The mandate requires Apple to allow developers to guide app users to payment systems outside of Apple’s provided options.

Source: adapted from an article by Sophie Blake, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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