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AppsFlyer Soars Higher

AppsFlyer, a major player in mobile analytics, has acquired Devtodev, a platform specializing in app and game developer analytics. This move is aimed at expanding AppsFlyer's business and diversifying its product offerings.

Devtodev's valuable resources, including user behavior analysis and customizable data collection, will smoothly integrate into AppsFlyer's ecosystem. Additionally, these resources will be featured in AppsFlyer's privacy cloud marketplace.

Founded in 2014, Devtodev brings a wealth of expertise in projecting future metrics, creating a perfect match for AppsFlyer's growth ambitions. Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Devtodev's technology, team, and expertise are a perfect match for AppsFlyer, creating a synergy that fuels not just business growth but a visionary approach to the future,”

Source: adapted from an article by Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for Games Industry

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