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Avatar tech company Genies unveils $1 million developer engagement fund

Genies, the Avatar tech company, has unveiled a new developer engagement fund of $1 million aimed at supporting developers in creating augmented reality (AR) experiences for an upcoming interoperable avatar social network set to launch this fall. Initially, the network will offer a set of experiences, with additional ones planned for the following months. The fund will not only aid developers but also offer further funding opportunities based on their performance achievements.

According to Genies CEO Akash Nigam, avatars have become essential components for interactive and social experiences in the future of hardware. The company has been anticipating this moment for years and is enthusiastic about contributing to the creation of use cases in this new reality.

Augmented reality has been gaining significant attention, especially with the success of games like Pokemon GO. The recent announcement of the Apple Vision Pro has brought even more attention to the sector, highlighting Apple's ongoing investment in this emerging field.

In addition to the funding, developers will have access to a development kit allowing for various avatar options, an AI generative gameplay bot to facilitate the creation of interoperable experiences, and XR compatibility for enhanced performance. Genies believes that these technologies will enable developers to craft a wide range of experiences, from mini-games to social worlds, all leveraging augmented reality.

Developers seeking to participate in the program can apply for the Genies Developer Incubator, where selected individuals will gain access to the development kit or the fund. Through this incubator and funding initiative, Genies aims to empower and nurture the next generation of developers, offering support, mentorship, and access to the company's network of industry experts.

The incubator is scheduled to launch this summer, and interested applicants can apply now.

Evaluations will be based on entrepreneurial skills, prior experience with Unity or gaming/XR projects, and the creative use of Genies' avatars and tools to enhance the AR experience.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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