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AVOW teams up with the former GameBake team to form KYLN

AVOW, an award-winning global app growth company specializing in mobile OEM advertising, has announced the formation of KYLN, a new company created in partnership with the former GameBake founders. KYLN aims to provide a premium multi-channel distribution platform for game and app developers.

This strategic collaboration between AVOW and KYLN is poised to revolutionize mobile marketing strategies by incorporating mobile OEMs to enhance marketing efficacy. This integration complements AVOW’s existing offerings, which include premium mobile OEM advertising inventory from major industry players like Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, Transsion, and Vivo.

AVOW and KYLN are focused on unlocking new user bases beyond the traditional Apple App Store and Google Play Store by targeting "Alternative App Stores" and other platforms. This approach aims to capture the attention of billions of potential users worldwide. Android OEMs and Alternative App Stores represent over 80% of global mobile phones, offering substantial opportunities for app developers. This is especially crucial in the mobile gaming sector, the largest app vertical, with global app install advertising spending projected to reach $94.9 billion by 2025, according to AppsFlyer.

Robert Wildner, Co-founder and CEO of AVOW, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome the KYLN team and their innovative solutions to AVOW. By joining forces, our offering is the only one globally that provides app developers with both app distribution and user acquisition services from a single source. This unique combination sets us apart significantly in the mobile industry.”

The KYLN platform allows app developers and publishers to effortlessly upload, distribute, and scale their games across multiple mobile OEM channels globally, while providing 100% visibility into key insights through a dedicated dashboard. This platform simplifies app distribution, making it easy to reach broader audiences.

Key features of the KYLN platform include:

- Integration-Free: Ensures a lightweight app experience without the need for SDK integrations.

- Private Source Code: Maintains source code confidentiality, distinguishing KYLN from other platforms.

- Transparency and Choice: Provides partners with complete control over their game deployment strategies and ensures brand visibility across multiple stores.

All operational data is shared through a comprehensive dashboard.

Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN, highlighted the potential of this collaboration: “I truly believe that by combining the expertise of mobile OEM advertising specialists from AVOW with our technology, we can take our app distribution platform to new heights – massively simplifying the access to alternative app stores for game and app developers.”

The formation of KYLN marks another milestone in AVOW’s mission to drive industry innovation, making mobile OEM advertising accessible for brands and apps while remaining performance-oriented. This follows the launch of AVOW’s proprietary technology, AVOW Intelligence, which offers a smart and holistic view of media inventory across premium mobile OEMs.

AVOW collaborates with a diverse array of app developers and brands, including Tripledot, Exness, Amazon Prime Video, LOTTO24, AirAsia, Didi Group, Unico Studio, KUMU, OctaFX, JOOM, Kredivo, Navi, and Zephyr Mobile. This new venture with KYLN is set to further enhance their reach and impact in the mobile advertising and app distribution landscape.

Source: adapted from an article by Baran Köse, Author for Mobidictum.

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