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Barbie hits Stumble Guys in mass-multimedia promo campaign

Stumble Guys, the battle royale game owned by Scopely, is gearing up for an exciting new collaboration. The game will host a crossover event featuring a brand-new Barbie Dream Dash course, inspired by Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie promotion. This collaboration is expected to reach and engage a broad audience, given the popularity of both the game and the iconic Barbie brand.

The choice to partner with Stumble Guys is well-founded, as the mobile game has been a significant revenue generator, making nearly half a million dollars daily last year. With mobile gaming increasingly appealing to the movie's target demographic, it provides an ideal platform to capture the attention of Barbie fans.

Scheduled for release in July, the Barbie Dream Dash course in Stumble Guys promises to transform the gameplay experience. Players will navigate colorful obstacle courses while pursuing Barbie's favorite items, paying homage to her various passions and professions over the years. The event will feature a lively beach party setting, offering players the opportunity to unlock new emotes, footsteps, animations, and Stumblers.

This collaboration marks Stumble Guys' second partnership with Mattel, following the successful Hot Wheels integration in December, which introduced a new driving mode to the game. Additionally, Stumble Guys previously teamed up with NERF, adding a fresh first-person shooter element to the game.

Scopely's Senior Vice President, Jamie Berger, expressed enthusiasm for the Barbie collaboration, highlighting how it brings a new realm of characters, humor, and imagination to the competitive world of Stumble Guys.

Mattel's Global Head of Digital Gaming, Mike DeLaet, acknowledged the success of the Hot Wheels collaboration and expressed excitement about partnering with Scopely again to bring Barbie to life in a unique and engaging way.

It's worth noting that Scopely, which acquired Stumble Guys last year, is currently facing an impending acquisition itself, as Savvy Games Group intends to acquire Scopely for a significant $4.9 billion, making waves in the gaming industry.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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