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Barcelona Hub Unveiled by Sandsoft for Launching New Mobile Titles

Mobile-first game developer Sandsoft has embarked on an exciting journey with the opening of its latest mobile game development studio in Barcelona. Positioned strategically to tap into local talent, the company anticipates steady growth within the studio, projecting the creation of up to 60 new roles over the next three years. This move underscores Sandsoft's commitment to establishing Barcelona as a key European location in its quest to become a global gaming powerhouse.

Leading this new development studio is Alexandre Besenval, who assumes the role of VP Studio Barcelona. Tasked with steering the studio towards becoming Sandsoft's European hub, Besenval will collaborate closely with the company's Leadership Team, including the experienced Yahsir Qureshi (VP Studio Riyadh), a veteran from EA and Zynga. Sandsoft's CEO, David Fernandez, sees this venture as an opportunity for the company to contribute significantly to the gaming industry by creating innovative games and introducing new intellectual properties (IPs).

Fernandez and COO Pasqual Batalla, overseeing the Barcelona office, emphasize the importance of assembling an exceptional team. Having established strong connections within Barcelona's games industry ecosystem, the company invites applicants of all experience levels and specializations to be part of this exciting phase of growth. Alexandre Besenval shares his excitement about contributing to Sandsoft's ambition to build a globally diverse gaming company.

As a talent hotspot for game developers, Barcelona provides a thriving ecosystem for Sandsoft to nurture its dream team. The company encourages individuals with varying experience levels and specializations to explore career opportunities within the Barcelona office. Sandsoft's move into game development within Studio Barcelona aligns with the industry trend, with other developers and publishers establishing their presence in the region.

With Barcelona becoming a hub for game development, Sandsoft's strategic move positions the company at the forefront of innovation. The company's commitment to fostering a diverse and talented team reflects its dedication to shaping the future of mobile gaming. As Sandsoft's Studio Barcelona embarks on this transformative journey, the gaming industry eagerly awaits the creative endeavors that will emerge from this vibrant and dynamic European hub.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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