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ChatGPT app reaches 351,000 downloads in the UK

The official iOS app of the generative AI tool ChatGPT has achieved a milestone of 5 million downloads worldwide, including 351,000 downloads in the UK, as of June 2023.'s latest information highlights the tool's popularity after transitioning to mobile. The app's arrival on the mobile platform has been eagerly anticipated, given the presence of numerous spin-offs and imitations.

The app's success also extends to Japan, with 683,000 downloads, indicating significant global interest in the tool. ChatGPT has become a prominent example of AI in action, likely contributing to its appeal across different locations. The widespread publicity, both positive and negative, surrounding AI has piqued the curiosity of mobile users, motivating them to explore the potential benefits and risks associated with the technology.

While generative AI remains a contentious subject, its application in various fields, such as writing and game development, continues to be discussed. Some mobile game developers, like Kwalee, have incorporated AI into their design process to leverage shared AI resources. However, concerns have been raised in creative industries, such as art, where using existing images without permission for trading models like Midjourney has sparked controversy.

One person who remains optimistic about the role of AI in game development is Nikolay Minaiev, the CEO of iLoogo Studios. In an interview with guest author Alexander Goldybin, Minaiev reassures worried creatives by stating that while AI has made significant advancements in various fields, including game development, it is unlikely to replace game developers in the near future completely.

Game development involves a highly creative and multidisciplinary process encompassing storytelling, art design, gameplay mechanics, level design, and sound engineering, making human input essential.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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