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Coda collaborates with Activision to launch a fresh web store for Call of Duty: Mobile

In a strategic collaboration, Activision, the publisher behind Call of Duty, has joined forces with Coda Payments, a monetization solutions platform, to introduce the Call of Duty: Mobile web store. This partnership, made possible by legal clarity allowing web store promotions within apps on Android and iOS platforms, aims to offer global players exclusive deals and in-game content.

The decision to launch the web store follows significant legal developments in the gaming industry, including mandates from the European Union requiring gatekeeper platforms to allow alternative web stores in European markets. Additionally, a jury ruling in favor of Epic Games determined that Google violated antitrust laws by impeding Epic and other game companies from establishing and promoting alternative app stores.

Described as a marketplace for discovering the best value in-game content and experiences, the Call of Duty: Mobile Web Store transcends the traditional role of an in-game item shop. It is positioned as a dedicated platform offering players exclusive discounts, seasonal promotions, and bonus COD Points, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

To celebrate the launch, players can benefit from a 50% bonus on COD Points, along with various giveaways and promotions throughout the year. First-time users on the platform are further enticed with a 20% discount on their initial store purchase per User ID.

With over a decade of experience in overseeing monetization and content discovery across gaming and other domains, Coda Payments has a global presence, having worked with industry giants like Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Zynga, connecting millions of customers worldwide. The Call of Duty: Mobile Web Store signifies a strategic move by Activision to create a dynamic marketplace and elevate the gaming experience for its global player base.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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