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Dungeon & Fighter Mobile earns $66 million on China's App Store in its first week

Nexon's Dungeon & Fighter Mobile has achieved remarkable success, generating $66 million on China’s iOS App Store within its first week of launch, as reported by AppMagic data. Published by Tencent, the game was released in China on May 21st and garnered an estimated 2.4 million installs in just eight days. This data does not account for revenue and downloads from third-party Android stores in China.

Nexon is anticipating significant success for Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in China. The franchise has already generated over $22 billion and attracted more than 850 million registered users globally. In its recent Q1 2024 financial report, Nexon projected that sales in China would increase by 48% to 90% year-over-year in Q2, potentially reaching ¥34.6 billion ($223.4 million). This optimistic outlook comes despite a 32% year-over-year revenue decline in China during Q1, primarily due to decreased sales for Dungeon & Fighter on PC. Nexon has been working on restoring balance to the game’s economy after encountering issues last December.

"A big priority is the May 21st launch of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in China – a game that has the potential to have a profoundly positive impact on Nexon’s revenue and profit profile," stated Nexon president and CEO Junghun Lee in an earnings letter. "Together with our partners at Tencent, we are introducing a fresh, new mobile experience to one of the world’s biggest game franchises. The enthusiastic player response to a recent Beta Test and the strong marketing campaign planned by Tencent give us growing confidence that Dungeon & Fighter Mobile can energize our large base of existing fans in China and attract new players to the franchise.”

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is also available in South Korea, where it was released in March 2022. According to AppMagic, the title has generated an estimated $185.6 million across the App Store and Google Play in South Korea, with 1.8 million downloads. However, its popularity in South Korea has declined since its launch. So far in 2024, the game has picked up $9.2 million and 103,000 installs.

Source: adapted from an article by Craig Chapple, Head of Content for

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