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EA Sports FC 24 on track to beat FIFA 23

EA Sports FC 24 has made an impressive debut, with EA anticipating gradual growth for the title in the coming year, according to CFO Stuart Canfield's statements during the company's Q2 FY2024 earnings call.

Last year's success of FIFA 23, attributed to the World Cup, set an intriguing backdrop for the launch of EA Sports FC 24. Canfield hailed the transition to EA Sports FC as a major milestone for the company, exceeding their global football business expectations during Q2.

Canfield reported, "Net bookings for the global football business saw a 41% year-over-year growth, driven by the ongoing momentum of FIFA 23, including a triple-digit surge in mobile net bookings and a strong demand for EA Sports FC 24's release."

"In the first four weeks since its global launch, over 14.5 million fans have engaged with FC 24 on console and premium PC, and we've witnessed double-digit growth in new players. FC Mobile has also achieved remarkable milestones, amassing over two million installations on its first day, five million in the first three days, and a remarkable 11 million within the first ten days."

During the earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson addressed the pace of FC 24's sales and potential changes in trends due to the rebrand. Wilson highlighted that EA is prepared for two possible scenarios: strong initial sales due to the rebrand's excitement, or a more gradual growth over time.

"We are highly satisfied with the initial launch's performance. We've welcomed a significant number of new fans and players into our ecosystem, indicating promising prospects for the future. However, we also acknowledge that there is still a substantial player base enjoying the previous game."

Wilson noted that as EA transitions from one game launch to the next, the process becomes more organic, and players often continue with the previous game due to ongoing support and incentives. He emphasized the importance of bringing the existing player base into FC while expanding its user community.

Looking ahead, Canfield indicated that the EA Sports FC franchise is on track to achieve low single-digit growth for the year.

Source: adapted article of Marie Dealessandri Deputy Editor for GamesIndustry biz

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