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Elevate mobile marketing initiatives by integrating AIGC, Apple Search Ads, and Steam Creatives for enhanced user acquisition

In a recent autumn announcement, SocialPeta introduced three significant updates to its platform, revolutionizing mobile marketing creatives worldwide. With a vast database of 14 billion global creatives, the AI Center (AIGC), notably AI Draw, is reshaping user acquisition strategies across diverse sectors, from mobile games to e-commerce. The integration of AI images, effortlessly generated by AI Draw, offers endless possibilities for high-quality, game-specific visuals and innovative marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, SocialPeta introduces an exclusive Apple Search Ads channel, streamlining access to ASA advertising. This launch empowers clients with enhanced campaign planning, utilizing metrics such as game genre, ad days, estimated impressions, and popularity for optimal keyword selection and region targeting. The Featured APP, once VIP-exclusive, is now free for all registered users, providing valuable insights into daily App Store and Google Play rankings, pre-order app advertising, and top charts for downloads and revenue.

In a stride towards comprehensive gaming campaigns, SocialPeta's update extends to Steam game creatives. With a colossal database approaching 100 million PC game creatives and over 24 million unique ads, SocialPeta solidifies its status as a global advertising and marketing leader. As of October 2023, their commitment to innovation and efficiency continues to support mobile game and app professionals in navigating the dynamic market. To experience the cutting-edge updates, professionals are encouraged to contact SocialPeta for a free trial, unlocking the full potential of their latest product enhancements.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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