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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis launches first collaboration with Monster Hunter’s Rathalos

Nine months after the lukewarm launch of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Square Enix has called in reinforcements from Capcom, a major player in the Japanese gaming industry. The collaboration introduces content from Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise, featuring a new battle against the flagship monster Rathalos and a gacha banner with Monster Hunter-themed weapons and armor for Final Fantasy characters Cloud and Zack.

This event marks the first time Ever Crisis has collaborated with an IP outside of Square Enix’s own catalog, signaling a significant milestone for the mobile game. The crossover offers players a chance to engage with Monster Hunter's Rathalos and obtain unique gear, enhancing both gameplay and monetization opportunities.

Released in September 2023, both Monster Hunter Now and Ever Crisis celebrate their respective franchises. While Ever Crisis enriches the Final Fantasy VII universe with new content, including a backstory for Sephiroth, Monster Hunter Now delivers daily combat through location-based play. Financially, Monster Hunter Now has outshined Ever Crisis, generating $180 million compared to Ever Crisis’s $78 million, according to AppMagic.

Capcom’s success, coupled with Square Enix’s financial struggles—including pre-notified "extraordinary losses"—highlights the potential benefits of this collaboration. By integrating Monster Hunter’s iconic wyvern Rathalos and fan-favorite gear, Square Enix aims to boost Ever Crisis’s revenue and player engagement.

Players can now face Rathalos in Ever Crisis and acquire new gear through the gacha system, reflecting Monster Hunter's core gameplay of crafting equipment from monster parts. Until July 2nd, Cloud wields the non-elemental Glavenus Sword, while Zack uses the electrified Zinogre Blade, adding a fresh layer of excitement to the game.

Bringing recognizable Monster Hunter elements into Ever Crisis is expected to generate significant revenue for Square Enix, leveraging Capcom’s robust brand awareness and 20th-anniversary celebrations. However, there are no announced plans for Final Fantasy content in Monster Hunter Now, indicating Square Enix’s greater need for collaboration.

Earlier this year, both companies demonstrated their corporate social responsibility by donating over $1 million in relief funds after the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. This partnership between Square Enix and Capcom, starting with this crossover event, may signal more strategic collaborations in the future to bolster their respective game portfolios.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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