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Gamelight’s AI algorithm is set to revolutionize mobile marketing

In an industry as competitive as mobile marketing, standing out from the crowd and achieving outstanding results can be challenging. Traditional marketing approaches often fall short in personalization and fail to engage users effectively. In response to mobile marketers’ challenges, Gamelight’s AI algorithm comes into play, disrupting the status quo and redefining industry standards.

Launched by LOUD Ventures in Germany, Gamelight has rapidly established itself as a major player in the global mobile marketinglandscape. By leveraging its extensive user base across multiple self-published game recommendation platforms, Gamelight consistently delivers high-quality users to mobile game publishers worldwide, now with the help of its revolutionary AI algorithm.

So, how does Gamelight’s AI algorithm work?

Gamelight engages with a user base consisting entirely of direct gaming users who share their app usage data through the innovative game recommendation platform. After this, Gamelight’s unique ROAS algorithm carefully analyzes various data points, including demographics, app usage, device information, and engagement and retention data. This comprehensive understanding of gaming preferences allows the platform to create personalized user profiles.

By tailoring the recommendations to match each individual’s interests and gaming history, Gamelight enhances their overall gaming experience. This personalized approach optimizes user satisfaction, prolongs play sessions, and maximizes monetization opportunities within partner games.

Gamelight’s AI algorithm operates dynamically, tailoring advertisements to individual users and games to increase the likelihood of user conversion into paying customers. Additionally, the algorithm determines the optimal timing and frequency to present rewards and challenges to keep users engaged and encourage frequent gameplay of the advertised game.

And what about the results of this cutting-edge technology?

The shortlisted partners in a test phase experienced a remarkable x4.5 times higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) on average, surpassing expectations across all major KPIs, including ROAS, ARPU, ARPPU, and Retention Rate. The ROAS goals were met 2x faster than they were being met without the AI algorithm, which alone serves as compelling evidence as the revenue-focused KPIs provide the most accurate assessment. Gamelight’s AI algorithm is now available to use for all game publishers they are partnering with.

Gamelight’s AI algorithm is reshaping the mobile marketing landscape, offering game developers a unique approach to engage users and drive revenue growth. With personalized recommendations based on comprehensive data analysis, Gamelight consistently delivers outstanding results, surpassing industry standards and redefining mobile marketing norms.

Source: Mobidictum

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