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Gamelight's insights for Splitmetrics report about State of AI in Mobile Marketing

Artificial intelligence = authentic results.

SplitMetrics announced a pivotal moment in the mobile marketing landscape: the official release of the "State of AI in Mobile Marketing Report". Gamelight's team participated in the recent report by SplitMetrics «State of Al in Mobile Marketing Report» on Al's present status within mobile marketing and the current technology trends 😎

Follow the link to find out the insights on Al from Gamelight's co-founder Günay Aliyeva, our senior business development manager José Pedroso and Viktoriia Muzyka, our marketing manager 🙌 Report includes as well:

🔍 AI's latest role in mobile marketing

🌟 Real-world cases and recommendations

📚 100 reliable ChatGPT prompts for ASO and UA managers

🔮 Insights and tips from SplitMetrics’ team and the brightest minds in the industry

Get the report:

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