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GTA Trilogy for iPhone is still in the works — more than a year after console and PC release

Rockstar's GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition was initially announced alongside the console ports, which became available on November 11th, 2021. However, the release date for the mobile version of the series, originally set for March 31, 2023, has passed without any official explanation.

Fans of the franchise have eagerly awaited the updated mobile version, hoping to revisit Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas with improved graphics and controls. Despite the inclusion of the game in Take-Two Interactive's investor presentation, no new release date has been announced, leaving iPhone and iPad users uncertain about when they can expect to play the game on their devices.

While the game's mention in investor reports provides some hope, it doesn't guarantee its actual release. Game cancellations without prior notice have occurred in the past. Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates from Rockstar regarding a potential release date, hoping to mark it on their calendars.

The GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition brings together Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, iconic titles from the early 2000s, in a visually enhanced package. However, the reconditioned trilogy received mixed reviews upon its launch, with criticisms focusing on graphical issues, performance glitches, and changes to in-game signage that seemed reminiscent of early AI-generated art.

For those seeking an authentic old-school experience, the original versions of the three games are available on iOS 16, lacking the graphical improvements. Unfortunately, if you're eager to play the "improved" versions on your high-end iPhone, it appears you'll have to wait longer for the privilege as the release date remains uncertain.

Source: By Tammy Rogers at iMore

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