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Into Games aims to secure £100,000 to address class disparity within the UK gaming industry

In a bid to combat class disparity within the UK gaming industry, non-profit community interest company Into Games is on a mission to raise £100,000 this year. With jobseekers from working-class backgrounds facing odds eight times less favorable for employment in gaming, Into Games is determined to make a significant impact on social mobility within the sector throughout 2024.

Founded in 2019, Into Games has already played a crucial role in connecting 100,000 young people with industry professionals. The organization has provided hundreds of free places to UK game career events for individuals from low-income backgrounds. Additionally, they’ve upskilled over 100 schools across the country.

In the UK, where more than 30% of game staff hail from selective, independent, or fee-paying schools—five times the national average—Into Games seeks to bridge the gap. Looking ahead to 2024, the organization aims to support at least 160 school opportunities, reach 20,000 young people, and develop an open-source educational pack.

As part of their Game Plan 2024, Into Games is relaunching the Videogames Ambassadors in collaboration with fellow UK non-profit Ukie. This initiative will provide a new online platform connecting schools and gaming sector staff.

To further their commitment, Into Games has introduced a £30,000 bursary for working-class young people, set to fund equipment, events, and training. The funds will be distributed quarterly throughout 2024.

Announcing their strategic roadmap, Into Games expressed their ambition transparently, calling on the gaming sector to join them in building a future where opportunities in the UK games industry are accessible to all, regardless of background.

This initiative aligns with the industry’s growing focus on social impact, as seen with Riot Games recently reaching a milestone of $50 million raised through its Social Impact Fund to support nonprofits, communities, and organizations globally. Into Games’ efforts underscore the industry’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and leveling the playing field for aspiring professionals.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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