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iOS users can expect the arrival of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store later this year

Epic Games is preparing to reintroduce Fortnite to iOS devices later this year in the EU, coinciding with the launch of the Epic Games Store on iOS devices. This development follows Apple's announcement to open up iOS in response to the EU's actions against Big Tech and the impending enforcement of the Digital Markets Act on March 6. Despite Epic CEO Tim Sweeney criticizing Apple's rules as "hot garbage," the company remains undeterred.

Epic Games announced via X (formerly Twitter) that "Later this year Fortnite will return to Europe on iOS through the EpicGames Store," indicating that the game will only be accessible in regions covered by the Digital Markets Act. The Fortnite developer encourages fans to stay informed as they navigate the regulatory timeline and continue their legal battle against Apple.

Meanwhile, CEO Tim Sweeney continues to criticize Apple for their App Store policies and attempts to comply with regulations while advocating for their own interests.

The return of Fortnite on iOS is seen as a welcome development, albeit on Epic's terms. The game has been absent from iOS for over three years since Apple removed it and banned Epic for introducing third-party in-app payments without authorization. Epic has expressed a desire to expand its game store, currently available on Windows and macOS, to iPhone and iPad users. With the store offering lower fees compared to Apple's App Store, it could attract developers if Epic establishes a foothold despite Apple's retained fees.

Following Apple's recent announcement to allow third-party app stores in Europe under new regulations, there's expected to be a wave of similar announcements, with Epic being among the first to reveal its intentions. As negotiations unfold, it's likely that Sweeney will not back down from

challenging Apple's latest move.

Source: adapted from an article by ISA Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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