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Kiloo Games shutting down

According to a report from Game Developer, Kiloo Games, a Danish developer, is ceasing its operations. Although the company has not officially announced its closure, several Kiloo staff members have confirmed the news on LinkedIn, stating that the entire studio has been notified of termination by the end of the month.

Kiloo Games, which employs over 55 people according to its website, gained recognition as the co-developer, along with SYBO, of Subway Surfers. This popular endless runner game, released in 2012, has recently surpassed an impressive milestone of 4 billion downloads worldwide. However, Kiloo's involvement with Subway Surfers concluded in 2020, as SYBO took over sole responsibilities for the game.

In addition to Subway Surfers, Kiloo has an extensive history as a mobile developer, working on games for Lego, Happy Tree Friends, Hugo the Troll, and the mobile adaptation of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. The company has also introduced more recent titles like Metroland, Stormblades, Spellbinders, and Smash Champs to its catalog of owned properties.

Founded in Aarhus, Denmark, 23 years ago, Kiloo Games has made notable contributions to the gaming industry, particularly in the mobile gaming space.

Source: News by Brendan Sinclair,  Managing Editor at

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