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Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link’s closed beta confirms geolocation gameplay

Square Enix has unveiled new details about Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, the upcoming mobile title, following a week of teasers. The company announced a closed beta test for the game, set to occur in the UK and Australia from November 29 to December 8, exclusively for iOS users. An Android-exclusive beta test is expected to follow in January 2024, also in the UK and Australia.

Location-based aspects are integral to Missing Link's gameplay. Players will need to provide location information to play the game, which will be used to display their position on the in-game map. Proximity to other players is also determined using location data, allowing players to form parties with up to three individuals who are in close proximity to one another. These parties offer advantages such as reduced AP consumption. Additionally, the game will feature raid bosses that players can face in teams, a common element in many geolocation games.

The closed beta will serve as an opportunity for players to provide feedback and report in-game bugs. However, player data from the beta will not carry over to the live version of the game.

Square Enix has given testers permission to post videos, livestream, and share images related to the game. This is expected to result in a wealth of new information about Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link becoming available to fans.

The game will combine location-based gameplay with the beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise, and the closed beta will provide insights into how these elements work together.

Square Enix has previously had success with mobile titles, including Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dragon Quest Walk. Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will aim to leverage the popularity of the franchise and the appeal of location-based gaming to attract and engage players.

Please note that the game's closed beta is available for iOS users in the UK and Australia, with an Android-exclusive beta test scheduled for later. The global release date for Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link has yet to be announced.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for Pocket Gamer

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