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Kratos Studios launches Kratos Games Network to invest in game studios

Kratos Studios has launched the Kratos Games Network, an investment fund aimed at game developers in India and other emerging markets. The fund will provide a total of ₹500 million (approximately $6 million) to gaming studios, with the first group of 10-15 game makers set to be targeted by March 2024. The grant is open to web2 developers looking to transition into blockchain gaming, with the goal of building an international game development community and creating a pipeline of games that transcends genres, languages, and cultural sensitivities.

Games selected for the program will have access to Kratos' proprietary blockchain technology, which offers an established audience of one million blockchain players. The network extends beyond India into markets like Latin America, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Participants in the network will enjoy various benefits, including access to gamer communities and an economic value-sharing model with their gamers, leading to improved user retention and monetization.

India's game development scene is increasingly attracting attention, and blockchain technology is gaining ground in the mobile gaming market. The Kratos Games Network could encourage more mobile game developers in India to adopt blockchain technology.

Source: adapted from an article by Lewis Rees, Staff Writer for Pocket Gamer

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