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Mighty Bear Games is swapping blockchain platforms days before new game launch

Mighty Bear Games, a multi-platform development studio, has partnered with Treasure, a Web3 gaming marketplace, to integrate its battle royale title Mighty Action Heroes onto the Arbitrum blockchain. Mighty Bear Games, based in Singapore and composed of veterans from companies like King, Ubisoft, Disney, Lucasarts, and Gameloft, raised $10 million in funding last July to venture into Web3 games.

While the game was previously on the Polygon blockchain, it has now been moved to Arbitrum just ahead of its open beta on July 13. The open beta will feature new heroes, a crafting system, various rewards, and tradable in-game items. Players who hold the Genesis Pass and Big Bear Syndicate NFTs have had early access to the game, but the general public will have the opportunity to play during the open beta.

By being on the Arbitrum blockchain, Mighty Action Heroes becomes a part of Treasure's ecosystem and will utilize its Magic token. Mighty Bear Games CEO Simon Davis praised the decision to switch to Arbitrum, citing its responsiveness, openness, speed, and low fees. The company's focus is on building an enjoyable and accessible game for all players.

In another development, Sega has indicated that it is taking a step back from blockchain gaming after acquiring Rovio.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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