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Monopoly Go developer Scopely estimated to surpass $7bn in lifetime user spend

Mobile game developer and publisher Scopely has achieved a lifetime revenue of over $7 billion from user spending, according to estimates made by the analytics outlet AppMagic. This milestone comes after a dynamic year for Scopely, highlighted by their acquisition by Saudi Arabia's Savvy Games Group and the launch of "Monopoly Go," a mobile adaptation of the classic board game.

AppMagic specifically attributes "Monopoly Go" as a driving force behind Scopely's recent success. The game's social casino features, social integration, monetization strategies, and player retention tactics have played a crucial role in its and Scopely's achievements.

Scopely has also expanded its reach by partnering with third-party publishers like Flexion, aiming to make its games available on more platforms. The social nature of "Monopoly Go," which encourages players to share the experience with friends, has proven to be a potent strategy, increasing its popularity.

Scopely's primary audience consists of users from affluent countries, a significant factor in its monetization strategy. The affluence of its core user base makes them more likely to make frequent and higher-value in-game purchases. "Monopoly Go" has been a short-term boon for the company, but the successful elements that contributed to its achievement were already part of Scopely's overall approach.

Scopely's use of licensed titles, such as "Marvel: Strikeforce," has been a key feature of its portfolio, and it has implemented innovations, like effective cross-promotion strategies with other major mobile gaming titles, as seen in their collaboration with "Stumble Guys." These strategies have contributed to Scopely's successful publishing playbook.

Source: by Iwan Morris, Staff Writer for PocketGamer

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