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Netflix Games announces five new titles for release in summer

Netflix Games has unveiled a lineup of upcoming titles that will expand its existing catalog and build upon its solid foundation.

On July 12, Netflix will release Oxenfree II: Lost Signals as its first title. Developed by Night School Studio, which Netflix acquired in 2021, the game serves as a direct sequel to the original Oxenfree, which premiered on the platform in September 2022. Breaking away from its traditional mobile focus, Netflix will publish Oxenfree II not only on its own service but also on PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Switch, all on the same day.

Following that, on July 12, Netflix will debut The Queen's Gambit: Chess, a game based on the popular Netflix series. This game combines chess lessons, puzzles, and matches, offering familiar locations and characters in what the company describes as a heartfelt homage to the award-winning drama.

On August 1, Cut the Rope Daily, a new version of the beloved puzzle game, will make its first appearance on the platform. This version will present players with a daily puzzle, adding a fresh twist to the established formula. Given that the original game has already been downloaded over 1.6 billion times since its initial release, there is considerable anticipation for this new iteration, which has the potential to attract new players to the platform.

While two additional titles are also in the works, no official release dates have been announced yet. One of them is LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, a turn-based RPG that incorporates characters from LEGO's extensive collection of minifigures. Initially launched in 2020 for mobile, PC, and Facebook gaming, the game was removed from app stores in April. However, it will still be available on Facebook Gaming until later this year, after which Netflix will become the sole platform where players can access it. Given LEGO's status as the world's largest toy company, this exclusive availability on Netflix Games may attract a significant number of new players.

Lastly, Netflix announced Paper Trail, a puzzle game where players must fold paper to unlock new paths and progress. Similar to Oxenfree II, this game will be released on consoles, PC, and mobile, offering a multi-platform experience for players.

With this diverse lineup of games, Netflix Games aims to expand its gaming offerings and appeal to a broader audience across various platforms.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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