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Netflix goes big screen with game controller app on mobile

Netflix has introduced a new, untapped application that offers a gaming experience on larger displays, named the "Netflix Game Controller."

The description of the app in the iOS app store states: "Coming soon to Netflix. Engage in gaming on your television using the Netflix Game Controller. This application for the game controller syncs with your TV and grants you the ability to enjoy games on Netflix through your smartphone or mobile device."

While the app only hints at upcoming titles, it does provide insight into how Netflix intends to facilitate gaming on larger screens. Presently, Netflix Games boasts an extensive selection of titles encompassing a range of mobile games, all of which can be downloaded via the Netflix app on mobile devices. This compilation includes exclusive offerings like Desta: The Memories Between. The potential to extend gaming to sizable screens could significantly enhance the subscription's value proposition for subscribers.

Nevertheless, this aspect of the subscription has faced challenges due to limited player awareness. Netflix has taken steps to address this concern, and by bringing it to the forefront with the introduction of this new app, they may be able to resolve this issue once and for all. Moreover, given the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike impacting the broader entertainment industry's film and television production, Netflix's strategy of boosting awareness and strengthening their gaming division could potentially allow them to expand their business seamlessly without further friction with actors and writers.

At present on the Netflix platform, no games have been officially announced for play on larger screens. However, informed speculation can be made, considering the earlier leaked announcement of the fighting game Samurai Shodown for the platform earlier in the year. The majority, if not all, fighting games necessitate inputs via "stick" and buttons (think of the classic quarter-circle forward and punch input for a hadouken in Street Fighter). While certain titles like Skull Girls have transitioned to mobile platforms with minimal issues, the convenience offered by a controller app featuring prominently displayed, sizable on-screen buttons would be particularly noticeable for a fighting game enjoyed on a larger screen.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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