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New studio Denkiworks aims to bring "East meets West" perspective with Project Tanuki

Kyoto-based indie studio Denkiworks has been founded by former Q-Games developers Liam Edwards, Taku Arioka, and Jan de Graaf. Leaving Q-Games to gain creative freedom, the trio is working on their first game, codenamed "Project Tanuki," which aims to blend East meets West perspectives.

The team has experience in design and programming, having previously worked on Pixeljunk Scrappers and Chuhai Labs' Cursed to Golf. Denkiworks' location in Kyoto holds significance as it is where the three developers first met in 2018.

Project Tanuki is being developed using Unity, and the team is enthusiastic about the unique feel and inspiration drawn from Japan. The debut title is described as a love letter to Japan and its beautiful culture, with a focus on the country's stunning countryside.

The founders of Denkiworks acknowledge the risk in starting a new studio but are excited about the creative freedom and the opportunity to work on projects inspired by their experiences in Japan.

As for their future goals, the team hopes to secure funding, sustainability, and the ability to work on their projects long-term, aiming to create the best games possible for years to come.

Basing the studio in Japan could be advantageous, considering the country's eager-spending gaming audience. For example, during the global release of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, Japan accounted for a significant 41.6 percent of revenue despite representing only 15.3 percent of installs.

As they embark on their journey with Denkiworks, the team expresses their love for Japan and the inspiration they draw from the country to create unique and meaningful gaming experiences.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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