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Niantic celebrates Earth Day success with participation from 3.4 million players

On April 22, 2024, the global community celebrated Earth Day, and as part of this annual event, Niantic, renowned for their expertise in location-based gaming and the creators of the wildly popular Pokémon GO, once again rallied their vast fanbase to take positive action for the planet.

This year, alongside their membership in the Playing for the Planet Alliance and involvement in the Green Game Jam, Niantic organized an array of in-game events and employee initiatives geared towards fostering environmental awareness and activism.

Key initiatives included:

- Empowering players to lead clean-up events in local parks worldwide, with the added incentive of earning in-game rewards.

- Launching in-game challenges across various titles to champion sustainability concepts. Examples range from recycling campaigns in Ingress to educational initiatives in Peridot and a flower-planting adventure in Pikmin Bloom.

- Providing in-game education on waste reduction and environmental stewardship.

- Activating an 8th Wall AR feature to prompt users to virtually plant trees across the US, with real tree plantings unlocked in the top five US cities.

Additionally, Niantic's own teams in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Bellevue, and London actively participated in sustainability training, clean-up drives, and tree-planting efforts, all aimed at bolstering the well-being of local communities where their employees reside and work.

The impact of these collective efforts was significant, with Niantic announcing that over 3.4 million players engaged in Earth Day activities. Highlights included:

- Pokémon GO Community Ambassadors organizing 500 meetups worldwide focused on park clean-ups, including noteworthy efforts in Vancouver, Canada, and Cardiff, Wales.

- Pikmin Bloom players collectively planting an astounding 14 billion in-game flowers, unlocking special rewards.

- Ingress players contributing to environmental conservation by recycling 22.4 million in-game items into Exotic Matter (XM).

- Peridot players embracing waste reduction through sharing conservation tips via in-game channels and social media.

Furthermore, Niantic employees worldwide volunteered for local sustainability initiatives, which included combating invasive plant species, planting native flora, and tidying up parks.

Reflecting on these endeavors, Yennie Solheim, Niantic's social impact director, remarked, "Change doesn’t happen overnight. We are proud to take steps each year that unite our community of players, employees, and partners in creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for our planet - all while having fun playing games together."

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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