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Nikke Achieves $750 Million Milestone in Just 18 Months: Goddess of Victory

May 4th marked a significant milestone for Goddess of Victory: Nikke, the beloved mobile shooter RPG developed by Shift Up. To commemorate this occasion, the developers have unveiled a slew of rewards for players, including the coveted SSR character Kilo and 10 Standard Recruit Tickets for free pulls on the gacha. These rewards are available to players who log in for 10 consecutive days during the anniversary period.

In addition to these gifts, players can also enjoy an "appreciation package" containing 10 Advanced Recruit Vouchers, allowing them to recruit characters on special event banners.

While newly acquired characters from these tickets may not guarantee high rarity, they undoubtedly entice players to delve further into the game after utilizing their anniversary gifts. The gacha mechanic serves as Nikke’s primary monetization method, contributing to the game's remarkable achievement of reaching $750 million in mobile revenue within just 1.5 years.

In terms of in-game content, Nikke has introduced its 33rd story event, Last Kingdom, which follows the White Knights and features its own event map and challenge mode. The event also introduces SSR Crown as the leading new recruit, with a 1% appearance rate in the gacha.

The success of Nikke is evident in its financial performance, with $457.5 million (61%) of its revenue coming from the Japanese market alone. This dominance in earnings is mirrored in download statistics, with Japan, the US, and South Korea comprising the top three regions for downloads.

As Nikke continues to thrive, averaging $250 million in mobile earnings every six months and steadily climbing from $500 million in its first year to $750 million today, the game solidifies its position as a prominent player in the mobile gaming industry. The Nikke team expressed their gratitude to players for their unwavering support and dedication in creating a vibrant Nikke community.

With its continued success and loyal player base, Nikke is well on its way to joining the esteemed unicorn club of mobile gaming.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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