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October’s top grossing mobile games worldwide

According to data from Appmagic, here are the top-grossing mobile games worldwide for last month.

These numbers represent estimated earnings for developers through in-app purchases (IAP) and do not include the 30% cut taken by Apple and Google or ad revenue.

There’s commentary on which way the biggest earners are trending and other interesting tidbits from the top 20 and beyond below.

Honor of Kings continues to dominate the revenue charts, earning an impressive $107 million in IAPs in October. While this is a substantial amount, it still falls short of the game's peak in October 2021 when it reached $180 million.

Scopely's Monopoly Go, despite a decline in downloads, maintains its revenue momentum, reaching nearly $90 million. This game has seen significant monthly revenue increases since its April launch, and it will be interesting to see if it can sustain this growth through the end of the year.

Royal Match is settling into a steady rhythm, consistently earning between $80-85 million per month. PUBG Mobile experienced a slight decline in revenue compared to the previous month, while Honkai: Star Rail increased its earnings by about $5 million from September.

Roblox achieved a revenue milestone by breaking $70 million in October, the first time since July. Genshin Impact continued its upward trend, surpassing Candy Crush Saga in total earnings, even though Candy Crush dropped two places. The monthly downloads for Candy Crush might be decreasing, but its revenue remains stable as its player base remains loyal.

Monster Strike's revenue tends to be spiky due to its events and updates, but whatever it did in October worked as it posted its highest revenue month since May 2020, earning developer Xflag $58 million.

Moon Active's Coin Master maintained a top ten position but saw its sixth consecutive monthly revenue decline, dropping to $54 million in October, possibly impacted by the success of Monopoly Go.

Here are the top-grossing mobile games from 11 to 20:

  1. Gardenscapes (Playrix): $45.4 million

  2. Pokémon Go (Niantic): $43.2 million

  3. Justice Mobile (Netease): $41.1 million

  4. Whiteout Survival (Century Games): $37.5 million

  5. Homescapes (Playrix): $33.9 million

  6. Monster Hunter Now (Niantic): $31.3 million

  7. Clash of Clans (Supercell): $28.2 million

  8. Fishdom (Playrix): $27.7 million

  9. Township (Playrix): $26.4 million

  10. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Lingxi Games): $26.2 million

In this bracket, we see steady performers, with Playrix having all four of its hit games in the top 20, collectively earning over $133 million in October.

Pokémon Go saw a slight monthly decline of around $6 million, but Niantic's Monster Hunter Now continues to perform well, primarily in Japan, with earnings of $31.2 million in October.

Supercell's Clash of Clans has returned to earning closer to $30 million per month after a dip in September, where earnings fell to around $22 million


Outside of the top 20, Konami's Baseball Spirits experienced a significant spike, while Puzzle & Dragons dropped 22 places, earning $17 million in monthly revenue. Japanese RPG Dot Hero Adventure climbed 13 spots with $17 million in earnings, and Peak's Toon Blast had a good October, reaching around $16 million after several months of steady revenue decline.

Source: Adapted from an article by Neil Long for mobile games biz

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