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Pine Games has successfully obtained $2.25 million in funding for the development of mobile games in Istanbul

Istanbul-based mobile gaming company Pine Games has secured $2.25 million in funding at a $10 million valuation to develop mobile titles. Prioritizing the casual mobile gaming sector, Pine Games plans to focus on innovative IP-based games for a diverse audience with its new funding. The company, led by CEO Yankı Yağız Akpek, who played key roles at Peak Games and Bigger Games, CTO Burak Sarp with a successful history at Trendyol and Rovio, and art director Yasin Yıldırım, aims to expand its team from four to 15 members.

Before delving into IP-based games, Pine Games will initiate a phase featuring streamlined puzzle games, setting the foundation for more complex projects. The company emphasizes a commitment to quality and innovation, aiming to create games that evolve and adapt to industry needs while remaining evergreen.

Yankı Yağız Akpek expressed their confidence in combining smart decisions with high-quality execution, noting that such a combination is not as common in the industry as one might think. Pine Games' philosophy revolves around creating impactful experiences with widespread appeal, with a dedicated team committed to crafting timeless and evergreen games for long-lasting user enjoyment.

The pre-seed investment round, spearheaded by 500 Emerging Europe and Laton Ventures, saw participation from Mert Gur, the founder of Loop Games and the creative mind behind the Match 3D game.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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