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Pixion Games raises $5.5 million for Web3 RPG Fableborne

Pixion Games, a gaming studio based in London, has concluded a successful funding round, raising $5.5 million. The funds will be utilized to further develop their flagship mobile-first game, Fableborne.

In Fableborne, Pixion League LiveOps are actively progressing, as the studio is creating an accessible way for players to accumulate on-chain assets. The funding round saw support from notable investors such as Blizzard, Shima Capital, Eldridge, Merit Circle, ReadyPlayerDAO, VGC, Zee Prime, Mechanism Capital, GSR, and Misfits Gaming.

Fableborne was announced in 2022 as Pixion's first title after 18 months of development, following years of prototyping other projects with a cautious approach to integrating Web3 elements. The game aims to be an isometric action RPG and base builder, featuring "play-to-own" aspects with its NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Pixion strives to revolutionize Web3 gaming and is committed to data-informed development, allowing the iterative process to shape Fableborne into what it is today.

In Fableborne, players can trade in-game assets, create user-generated content, and participate in the development journey. Users are offered exclusive access to the game and can join Discord to provide feedback, engage in discussions, and be a part of the game's evolution. Pixion's focus is on creating a game that is inherently enjoyable and scalable, rather than merely following recent market trends.

Founder and CEO of Pixion Games, Kam Punia, expressed excitement about the positive feedback and praise Fableborne has received. The team is determined to create a high-quality game, and the LiveOps model is nearly ready for its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) introduction.

The Pixion team boasts a history of successful multiplayer experiences, with veterans from companies like Konami, Garena, Square Enix, Sony, and more forming the studio.

Earlier this month, Laguna Games commenced the rollout of Unicorn Party, based on its Crypto Unicorn Web3 games.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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