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Playtika will secure over 314 thousand acres of land in the Amazon

In honor of World Rainforest Day on June 22, House of Fun (HOF) Impact, the eco-friendly community initiative of Playtika's free-to-play slots game House of Fun, is launching a player-driven environmental forest restoration initiative.

Partnering with the environmental reward program Dots Eco, HOF Impact will conduct an in-game activity to secure land for wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest as part of the Playing for the Planet initiative. This initiative marks the fifth activity undertaken by HOF Impact since its launch two years ago. So far, the program has successfully planted over 200,000 trees across three continents, secured 31 million square feet of land in Africa and South America for local animals, and removed over 480,000 tons of plastic waste from the oceans.

The rainforest campaign will run from June 23 to June 26 and aims to preserve the natural biodiversity of the Amazon by securing over 314,814 acres of land.

Playing for the Planet is a global initiative established in 2019, empowering game developers to make positive environmental impacts. Members of the initiative commit to various actions, including integrating green activations, reducing emissions, and supporting environmental agendas through initiatives such as reforestation efforts and plastic reduction. Playtika's involvement in this initiative aligns them with other environmentally active businesses in the mobile games industry, such as Ustwo and Funplus.

As part of the campaign, HOF Impact will release a new video within the game and across its social media channels on June 23. The video will emphasize the significance of the Amazon to the planet and provide an overview of the initiative's objectives.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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