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Roblox China affected by layoffs

In response to specific business requirements, Roblox China has undertaken a strategic workforce adjustment, resulting in the departure of 15 employees. These changes primarily affected individuals at the Shenzhen headquarters and teams based in the United States.

According to a spokesperson's statement to, the decision was made following an evaluation of the company's operational structure, known as LuoBu.

The spokesperson emphasized that these actions are specific to LuoBu and are tailored to its distinctive business and operational demands. Importantly, this adjustment has no impact on other teams within LuoBu or Roblox.

The spokesperson went on to affirm Roblox China's unwavering commitment to its long-term vision and plans for the LuoBu platform in China. The company's presence in the country has been marked by key developments, including its establishment in 2020, following a collaborative effort with Tencent in 2019 to create an educational version of the popular game.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the LuoBuLesi app faced temporary removal seven months after its launch due to essential transitional measures. Roblox remains dedicated to the ongoing development and enhancement of its platform in China.

In a separate development, last month, Roblox made necessary staffing adjustments by laying off 30 employees engaged in talent acquisition, aligning with their evolving hiring needs.

Source: by Sophie McEvoy, Staff Writer for

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