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Scriptic raises $5.7m in funding for AI-driven narrative mobile games

London-based studio Scriptic, formerly known as ElectricNoir, has successfully raised $5.7 million in their latest seed funding round, bringing the total raised to $8.3 million. Bitkraft Ventures led the funding round, with participation from Tower 26 and the Amazon Alexa fund. The funding will be used to expand Scriptic's content pipeline, pursue IP collaborations, and grow their team. They also plan to onboard outside writers onto their AI-driven tools.

Scriptic leverages AI models like ChatGPT and DALL-E for several of their titles, including Scriptic: Crime Stories, which was exclusively launched on Netflix Games in 2022.

The company is optimistic about the potential of AI tools in advancing human creativity rather than replacing it. CEO and co-founder Nihal Tharoor emphasized the impressive results that can be achieved when integrating AI thoughtfully into the production and creative process. The team's careful attention to quality allowed them to produce compelling and sophisticated entertainment, even with a smaller team and budget.

While the debate about the potential and ethical implications of AI continues, many companies are exploring how these technologies can improve their workflows. Scriptic's approach of offloading some work to AI tools allows them to accelerate their production process, particularly for narrative-driven games, where inconsistencies in storytelling or art can be more apparent.

Despite the ongoing discussions about the challenges and opportunities of AI, Tharoor remains positive about its potential in the creative industry. He believes that generative AI can be a valuable asset to unleash human imagination. This latest investment signals validation of their optimism and underscores the growing interest in AI tools within the gaming industry, with companies like Unity also investing in new AI technologies.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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