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SinoAlice to close down in Japan two months after SinoAlice Global's end date

SinoAlice, Developed by Square Enix and Pokelabo, to End Its Journey in Japan

Previously, it was reported that SinoAlice Global, a collaborative venture between Square Enix and Pokelabo, would be shutting down on November 15. At that time, it seemed that the Japanese version of the game was unaffected and would continue online. However, a recent announcement has confirmed the game's impending closure in Japan as well.

SinoAlice has scheduled an "ending play period" set to commence on Boxing Day, December 26, and will run until January 15, 2024. During this time, the game's narrative will conclude, and its services on both iOS and Android platforms will come to an end.

SinoAlice made its debut in Japan in June 2017 and, contrary to Square Enix's history of Japan-exclusive mobile games, it was released worldwide in 2020. This dark fantasy RPG has ceased the sale of its premium Twilight Crystals, with refunds available for unused paid currency. While there is still available content that players can spend their Twilight Crystals on for the time being, even that will cease on December 26.

In addition to the mobile version, the DMM and browser versions of the game will also close down on December 26. With the mobile version's termination in January, SinoAlice will soon be inaccessible in all forms.

The announcement of the game's closure has taken many by surprise, coming almost two months after the shutdown of the Global version was revealed. This decision comes at a time when Japanese mobile gamers are actively engaged and spending more in the mobile gaming industry.

"The management team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who have patronized and enjoyed SinoAlice. During the maintenance on October 26, we will implement in-game campaigns and events to help you enjoy the remaining period until the end," said the SinoAlice team.

"Although there is only a short time left until the end of the service, we hope that you will enjoy SinoAlice until the end."

Following the closure of SinoAlice's mobile version, two weeks later, Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, another Square Enix title, is also scheduled to shut down. This installment had a Western release that closed down earlier, many years prior. The fate of Square Enix's new Kingdom Hearts game on mobile remains uncertain.

Source: adapted article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for Pocket Gamer

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