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Spotlight becomes Gamelight

Mobile games advertising platform, Spotlight has undergone a rebranding process, and it now goes by the name Gamelight. This move comes as the company continues to gain ground in the mobile games and apps user acquisition (UA) sector.

LOUD Ventures GmbH, the Hamburg-based mobile game development and publishing company that has achieved multiple successes with mobile apps in the gaming and entertainment markets, is behind Gamelight. The company's apps have achieved top-grossing and free apps ranking in over 30 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

According to Gamelight's co-founder, Günay Aliyeva, the company's algorithm analyses various user behaviors such as playtime, engagement, competitor game usage, and demographics data. This analysis helps to identify users with the highest likelihood of long-term engagement on partners' games.

Co-founder, Florian Elmies, further stated that Gamelight has exclusive access to the said data points, putting them in a clear advantage over other UA sources that are simply connected to third-party apps.

Gamelight claims to be the only advertising network that has a 100 percent advertiser retention rate with zero percent churn, indicating that their approach is working well. The company is working with some of the largest mobile game publishers in the world to deliver new users to their mobile games.

Gamelight offers a self-service dashboard that gives advertisers complete control over their user acquisition campaigns. Advertisers can access complete data sets and have the power to set their targeting options, ensuring that they acquire users targeted to their games.

With advanced targeting options such as age, gender, competitor's games, and lookalike targeting, the platform recommends the ideal games to each user while optimizing advertising campaigns towards the highest return on ad-spend (ROAS) and retention rate.

If you'd like to explore Gamelight's dashboard and its unique features, you can do so by visiting website. Additionally, if you'd like to talk to one of Gamelight’s mobile game marketing experts, you can get in touch here.

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