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Squadbusters achieves another milestone with 10 million pre-registrations in just 11 days

Supercell's highly anticipated global release has surpassed expectations, with pre-registrations skyrocketing to an impressive 30 million ahead of schedule. Initially aiming for 20 million pre-registrations, the gaming giant revealed its ambitious target of 30 million before the game's launch on May 29th. Despite the lofty goal, the game managed to attract an additional 10 million players in just 11 days, a remarkable feat that exceeded all projections.

Taking to social media to share the news and tease pre-registration rewards, Supercell showcased the overwhelming success of Squad Busters, set to be one of 2024's standout launches across all platforms. Described by Supercell as "a love letter to Supercell's IP," the game has generated a buzz within the gaming community, eliciting a range of opinions from praise for its clever integration of famous properties to criticism of its perceived corporate-driven design.

With its unparalleled popularity and groundbreaking achievements, Squad Busters is poised to make a significant impact in the gaming industry, cementing Supercell's reputation as a leading force in mobile gaming innovation.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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